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Paris Hilton – Dog House – $325.000

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Our number 7 celebrity who spent an outrageous amount of money on something not so useful is Paris Hilton.


Known as a dog lover, in 2009 Hilton decided that paying $325.000for a dog house is a good investment. And not any dog house.

The luxurious dog house was custom-built and designed to reproduce her multi-million dollars mansion. The crazy-expensive miniature house had designer furniture, air conditioning, heating, and a black chandelier.

So Paris Hilton’s dogs have a way more luxurious house than most of people, for sure.

Well, at least they always feel like home, and maybe they are more happy there, than travelling in her purse.



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Balcony Designs and Beautiful Ideas for Decorating Outdoor Seating Areas

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Small balcony designs can offer charming outdoor seating areas and beautiful apartments, extending rooms and connecting home interiors with the nature in a very attractive, organic and inexpensive way.


I saw my sister who lives in Germany has posted on Facebook these beautiful pictures from her cute balcony on the second floor today. It was so inspiring what one can do with a small place to turn it to a heaven.


She is an architect and that of course will help her to be more creative and into details to design spaces from normal people like me.

However, I thought you like to see how simplicity can be sometime the most beautiful design. Not to forget the delicious black tea with mint in her hand. Thanks Shahnaz.  

Her Balcony!


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Nooran Ostadeian Edmonton Real Estate Blog
You’ve heard of the many times and many ways that Oil affects our economy, but now you hear many people say “Oil, Schmoil, we’re a construction town.”  We tend to be a bit more pragmatic in our view.


Firstly, I believe this year that inventory will be at higher levels. There will likely be some competition from sellers in the tight $300K - $450K price ranges.  People will usually hold off on selling because they believe better times are coming when times are good.  However given the price of oil and the impact it has on Alberta’s economy, I believe many of those people who hold off on selling will get their properties on the market. I’m getting a lot more questions from home owners about getting their home on the market than I normally get at this time of year. We are not predicting inventory increases from 2500 listings in March to almost 10,000 in September in 2007, but we do expect to see a higher level of inventory than last year.

For the time being, demand is still strong and will likely remain reasonable given the large amount of construction that is currently happening in Edmonton.  At this point, the Edmonton area still has a lot of jobs and jobs are what creates demand.  The appetite for housing is determined by job levels, however, we believe the buyers will definitely have a better selection of listings.  If the new home construction industry is able to realign their labour and material costs, there will definitely be some increased competition for resale pricing. The more inventory there is, the longer it will take for buyers to sort through their options to get the right deal.


The market in terms of sales and average price has basically been on a lineal trajectory up.  This is not realistic in what is normally a pretty balanced market like Edmonton.  At some point, some retrenching will be seen.  The good news is that our market did not get substantially overheated like other Canadian markets.


If you are selling, it is important to know your level of competition.  If you are buying, you must focus on the quality of homes in good locations.


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